Frequently Asked Question


What is WonderHire and how does it work?

Wonderhire is a new-age hiring platform that leverages technology to make recruitment services more flexible and accessible.

Who is it for: Employers who need to find talent quickly, and without breaking the bank.

The Process: On signing up, employers get free credit points that they can use to post jobs, promote their jobs on major external job boards and browse curated (specific role/industry/location based) databases. They can even contact candidates collected through these means. However, to prevent misuse of the system, there is a monthly limit to free credit.

Employers may also choose to opt for paid support for candidate screening on their behalf. Premium credit points have to be puchased to access this support. The pricing structure is extremely affordable.

With WonderHire, We can also switch to a traditional success-fee model, if an employer so desires. Here, we present pre-vetted, qualified candidates, all of whom have expressed their interest the role. If one of those candidates gets hired, the employer pays a placement fee which is typically a percentage of the candidate's first year salary to Wonderhire.

Why use WH over other recruiting options?

Flexible Professional Help
There are a lot of steps involved in finding and hiring talent. By defining distinct steps, we are empowering you to choose which parts you need professional help in and which parts you can manage yourself. Now you can get flexible help with anything from the smallest section of the smallest task to the whole, entire, many-step recruitment process - all billed in a transparent, objective manner.

Great User Experience
In addition, our web-based platform delivers a great user experience. By using technology, we have managed to automate many cumbersome processes - like contracts, trackers, reminders, invoices etc. You no longer need to keep track of multiple candidates over multiple emails. Our easy to use employer dashboard ensures that all information is available instantly, at the click of a button.

Compared with Other recruitment channels
You can find an infographic comparing WH to other recruitment channels here.

Is WH like a job portal?

No. Although the platform offers some features that resemble a job portal, Wonderhire is different and much more. Our support is not limited to resume sourcing alone, rather we provide end-to-end support just like a recruitment agency, with the added advantage of being able to choose which of our services you need and at the best of prices.

Is WH like a recruitment agency?

Not exactly. There are a lot of similarities with recruitment agencies in terms of the kind of services we provide. However, our services are offered through a web-based platform and many of these are self-serviced and free, others are semi-serviced and extremely affordable. Employers can use them as they like, at no or very low cost. Traditional recruitment agencies charge huge premiums for these services.

Since we began as a traditional recruitment agency, we do also offer traditional end-to-end recruitment support to clients who are more comfortable with that model.

I am a Recruiter. Can WH help me?

Yes. You may contact us for full-time or freelance career opportunities here.

I am a candidate looking for opportunities. Can WH help me?

Yes. You may submit your resume here. Our executives or clients will contact you if there is any vacancy that matches your skill set.

What are credit points?

The value of each of our features/services is quantified in terms of Credit Points or Credits. In other words, you need a certain number of credit points to use each of the features/services listed on our platform.

There are 2 kinds of credit points on WH – free and premium.

Free credit points are provided to all users at no cost. These are used to access our Self-Serviced features i.e curated databases, job posting and job promotion. There is a monthly limit to the amount of free credit points provided. If users wish to continue accessing the self-serviced features but have exhausted their monthly credit, they may continue by paying a nominal amount.

To access our Semi-Serviced features, users need to purchase premium credit points. The amount of credit one needs will depend on the expected usage pattern. Details of the number of credit points charged per feature are available here.

If any of our users wish to switch to the traditional success-fee model, i.e. Fully-Serviced category such premium credit points may also be used to utilise such services.

Is there any restriction in the Basic (Free account)?

Yes. Users are given a limited amount of free credit each month. This restriction has been placed to prevent any misuse of the system. However, if users exhaust their monthly free credit but wish to continue accessing the self-serviced features, they may continue by paying a nominal amount.

What modes of payment can I use to make payment?

We accept all Visa, Mastercard and American Express credit cards, most major debit cards issued in India, as well as Net Banking payments from most major Indian banks for online payments. We also accept cash, cheques, drafts and wire transfers. You can get in touch with our customer care helpline for more details on the same.

Can the credit points purchased under Premium plan be used for any category of service?

There is a distinction between Free and Premium credit points. While the Basic Plan (Free) comes with a monthly quota of free credits of 2000 points, a user can continue using beyond 2000 points by purchasing additional credits. Premium credits can be used for any category of service, i.e. Self-serviced, Semi-serviced or Fully-serviced.

What is the Self-serviced option?

These are basic features, which employers can use themselves without any support from our end. Free credit points, i.e. points credited every month in a client’s account are used to access these features.

Which features of the platform are self - serviced?

Curated resume databases – These are micro-databases that have been compiled on the basis of industry, role and geography. Employers get free access to relevant databases, based on their exact requirements. This is suitable for clients looking for a specific pool or a small set of candidates. Some examples could be candidates working in Hotel industry in Agra, or candidates with Sales/Marketing experience in Auto industry. .

Job Posts – Employers can post jobs for free on WH website. Your job post will have great web presence and will be a good medium to market the job to your target audience. The job post will also benefit from our various marketing efforts, and thus will attract traffic generated from both your and our efforts. Employers can use their own logo for branding their job posts.

Career micro-sites – Employers with regular requirements may also want to set up a branded career page on WH, complete with their logo, company description and all the active jobs.

Sponsored Job posts – A job posted on WH platform may also be sponsored and promoted externally, on some of the larger job portals. This is another very useful way to get great visibility and receive applications from interested candidates.

How many free points are required to access the self-serviced features?

Databases: Access to each curated database is worth 500 free credit points i.e. users are charged 500 free credit points for every database they subscribe. With this users can view all resumes in the database, but they can contact only 20 candidates. In other words, contact details of only 20 candidates can be accessed when a database is subscribed. If a user wants to view contact details of more candidates, i.e. over and above the first 20, they will be charged 25 free credit points per contact view. Access to a database and free resume contact views along with it are available for a period of 60 days from the day a database is subscribed.

Job Posts: Each job post on WH website is worth 100 free credit points.

Sponsored Job posts – Promoting an existing job on WH platform on any external job portal costs 400 free additional credits. Each user is entiltled to only 1 promoted job post in a month.

How many free points do I get?

Each user gets 2000 free credit points on signing up and 1000 free credit points are credited every month thereafter.

Why should I purchase Premium Credit Points?

Our semi-serviced and fully-serviced features require premium credit points. If an employer needs a greater level of support with candidate screening and scheduling they need to purchase premium credit points.

What is the Semi-serviced option? When should I use it?

This option is primarily aimed at employers who only need limited support with sourcing of suitable profiles for the open positions at their organisations. This option is appropriate for those business who have sufficient bandwidth to handle the administrative segment of the work such as scheduling interviews and completing all the discussions and negotiations independently with the candidate. As we are required only for sourcing part of the work, this helps us reduce the time that we invest in a given position and reduce costs. We pass on the savings to our clients in form of lower fee rates.

We currently offer two kinds of Candidate Screening services – Paper Screening and Phone Screening.

What are Paper-screened resumes?

Paper-screened resumes are shortlisted by our trained recruiters only on the basis of a resume review. They draw upon their rich and varied experience to cull the best suited candidates which match with the job requirements of our clients, using all the available sources. However, WH does not contact these candidates and, therefore, cannot guarantee their interest in the position on offer. This option is useful when the budget is a constraint and the employer needs a low cost solution or they have sufficient time/resources to devote for the telephonic screening and follow ups.

What are Phone-screened resumes?

Phone-screened resumes are shortlisted by our recruiters after a telephonic interview with the candidate and only those candidates' profiles are shared with the employer, who are both relevant and interested for the given position. This helps employers save time and is useful when the position is critically urgent, and will need a higher level of assistance than Paper-screened option within Semi-serviced category

How much does it cost?

Under this option, the client pays a small amount for the number of resumes he/she likes instead of paying a much larger fees under conventional success-fee model. Client quotes an expected salary for the candidate and a minimum cost per resume is computed based on the following formula:

Paper-screened - Minimum cost per contact view will be computed at a rate of 0.05% of annual CTC / 0.60% monthly CTC
Phone-screened – Minimum cost per contact view will be computed at a rate of 0.20% of annual CTC / 2.40% monthly CTC

These are minimum rates and presume effort on the position of an average difficulty level. There may be circumstances where we may agree higher rates with you if the perceived difficulty of the position is higher than average.

Once our recruiter has completed her work and posted resumes as per agreed specifications, the client will be able to review resumes of all such posted candidates; however, he/she can choose to view contact details of only the candidates he/she likes. The client will be charged for such contact views.

Please note:

  • The number of resumes to be shared is pre-agreed with the employer, before we commence work on the mandate.
  • Credit points equivalent to 20% of agreed rate is deducted from the employer’s account when we post resumes. Remaining 80% of the charge is deducted if the client chooses to view the contact details of the posted candidates.

What is the Fully-serviced option? When should I use it?

By fully-serviced we mean our recruiters support employers throughout the entire recruitment lifecycle in every way possible.

This option is for employers who wish to stick to the traditional recruitment agency model, do not have sufficient bandwidth and would like to have full support.

We offer 2 fully-serviced options:

Contingency Search (Success Fee): We charge employers only when we successfully place a candidate at their organization. The model is similar to the most common traditional recruitment models. However, we throw in the advantage of technology, some cool pricing options and cash back to make the model interesting.

Retained Search (Fixed Fee): Fee is at a steep discount as compared to the success fee model. The fee may be payable in stages as the work progresses.

How is the Fully-serviced option different from a traditional recruitment consulting model?

WonderHire’s fully serviced option adds a lot more value to traditional contingent hiring model. Not only do you have experienced recruiters working for you, but there is the added technology advantage of a centralized, web platform to get real time updates on how work is progressing on different positions. WH takes the clutter out of the whole process of recruitment. It helps avoid use of to-and-fro emails, requirement of managing resumes in various folders. Clients can also provide comments easily in the system itself enabling better communication with recruiters.

The Fully Serviced model also provides for many pricing options, where price of the services can be structured to suit the needs and preferences of the Client.

How much does the Fully-serviced option cost?

As the requirements and challenges of each client are unique, it is difficult to have standardized pricing for the fully-serviced option. You can get in touch with us on phone or email and we will be happy to provide a customized quote.