Comparison with other channels



Features WonderHire Recruitment Consultant Classified Ads in Newspapers & Magazines Job Portals
Cost Very Low Very High High Very High
Reach within Suitable Candidates Very High High Very Low Medium
Flexible Pricing Yes No No No/Minimum
Multiple Sourcing Channels Yes - Extensive May be, in some cases No No
Turn Around Time Short Long Medium Short
Services of Trained Recruiters Yes Yes No No
Convenient Web Based Interface Yes No No Yes
Industry specific databases Yes No No Yes


For most businesses, the first-choice way of recruiting a new employee is through referrals from existing employees or other acquaintances. While this may work sometimes, most of the times this may do your company more harm than good.

Limitations of Referral Hiring

The choice available of candidates gets severely limited and is much less than the available talent pool, thus impacting a business' ability to get the right talent for the right position at the right price.

Getting rid of a bad hire sometimes can be messy if they come through your personal network.

This approach can cause significant delays in filling a position causing loss to the business.

The business owner has to spend considerable amount of personal time in filling up a vacancy, thus taking his attention away from his core revenue-generating business activities.

Why is WonderHire the answer?

We have access to a variety of sources, thereby, providing you maximum choice of candidates.

You can be more professional in your dealings with candidates hired objectively through a medium like WonderHire.

You save a lot of time as WonderHire takes care of all the administrative work associated with recruitment.

And all of this at unbelievably low cost!



When a business-owner is not successful with referral hiring, one of the alternatives he/she tries is posting an advertisement of vacancy in a Classified section of Newspapers, magazines etc. However, again there are downsides of this method.


The biggest consideration for any business while choosing a recruitment channel is the associated cost. Placing an advertisement in newspapers/magazines is a pricey affair. The prices for a Jobs/Appointments Section ad with good circulation can start from a minimum of INR 5,000 and can go up to lakhs of rupees. And that too with no guarantee that you will find a suitable candidate.

Limited Reach into Passive Candidates

While a newspaper Ad creates a slightly larger pool of candidates (from the applications received in response to the ad) as compared to referral hiring, it is limited to the people who saw the Ad and chose to apply. At any time, market is full of passive candidates - these are the people who may be better suited than those who applied, but did not apply. WonderHire will help you reach such passive but most suitable candidates.

Efficiency - saves time in screening of the candidates

A classified ad can attract applications from interested candidates, however, many of them may not be suitable for the job-in-question. WonderHire will save you the precious time as we provide you with a filtered list of candidates and ensure you meet only the relevant and suitable candidates.



One of the reasons recruitment consultants are not the first-choice recruitment channel, especially for small businesses, is the prohibitive cost their service entails. This is exactly why WonderHire is your best bet.

Significant cost savings

WonderHire helps by providing the same service, but at a fraction of the price that is generally charged by the recruitment consultants in the market. This is our biggest strength - you can actually hire an employee for as low as Rs.60/- in some cases.

Web based interface

Unlike recruitment consultants, our online system means you can access the services in a streamlined fashion on our portal, keeping a tab on your usage and saving time with user-friendly features of the portal. The web-based platform is available at your fingertips anywhere in the world.

Control over costs - choose how much to spend

We give our clients the autonomy to decide how to take the recruitment process forward - whether to opt for screened or non-screened candidates and how to go about selecting the right candidate. This flexibility allows our clients to manage the costs and avoid any unnecessary costs by choosing the level of service they would like from our team.



Cost effective

Our prices and plans can be tailor-made to your needs and eventually cut down huge costs associated with the job portals, which are generally not suited for a small or medium sized business (SMB).


WonderHire allows you to save time required in going through piles of resumes. We provide you with an account manager who takes ownership of your requirements and speeds up your work.

Multiple sourcing channels

Apart from the standard portals, we also source through our extensive in-house database, social media and other non-conventional methods to reach passive candidates.

Services of trained and experienced recruiters

We have a team of highly professional and trained recruiters who work hard to meet your requirements in the given period of time by providing quality candidates.

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